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Sondrine, Sondrine Terez
Sondrine, Sondrine Terez,

Sondrine Terez is a French-born Australian singer, musician and composer based in Brisbane, Queensland.


Combining electronic sounds and beats with piano and orchestral strings, Sondrine’s songs and instrumentals deliver intensely emotional melodies and chord progressions.


The debut album by Sondrine, The Outsider, is available for download on this website or via Bandcamp or CD Baby.


Sondrine's second album, 'Future Sculptor' and Other Pieces, is now available for preview and dowload on this website or via Bandcamp. Her sophomore release comprises an instrumental album featuring the complete 'Music for a Film' suite (two pieces of which were included on The Outsider) as well as a collection of piano improvisations recorded over a number of years.


For more on Sondrine's second album, click here.






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