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Sondrine, Sondrine Terez


Sondrine provides meditation music for BathCalm 

Sondrine is proud to provide the meditative soundtracks to BathCalm bath meditation soaks through her unique, long-form compositions for the Euphoria, Performance and Tranquility blends.


BathCalm is a proudly Australian owned and Queensland-based company that makes luxury bath products using 100% pure essential oils and natural minerals and a range of other ethically sourced personal care products.


An award winning small business, BathCalm has been recognised for its innovative and sustainable practices, including 100% recyclable (outer box) and biodegradable (product cover) packaging. 

Bloodlust Ball 2015 - 22 August - Tivoli Theatre, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Sondrine performs at the Bloodlust Ball 2015

Bloodlust Ball 2015 - 22 August - Tivoli Theatre, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Sondrine is pleased to announce her upcoming performance at the legendary Bloodlust Ball to be held on 22 August 2015.


Sondrine will bring her unique and haunting brand of ambient and electro-orchestral songs to the legendary and aptly gothic setting of the Tivoli Theatre in Fortitude Valley, showcasing a suite of material from her debut album, The Outsider, released in 2014, as well as new material from her upcoming album to be released later this year.


Her live show will feature both acoustic and electronic numbers with her previous musical compadre, Albert Martinez, from Junk Circuit and of Neuropa fame, joining her on guitars and vocals.


With songs that inhabit a sweeping narrative spectrum--from the intergenerational and ecological consequences of the nuclear industry in 'Rialto', the implications of crypto-fascism and a surveillance state gone rampant in 'Blame', to the dual celebration and lament for younger generations preyed upon by elders in 'New One', and the existential quandaries faced by a broken man in 'Crumbs'--Sondrine's set at Bloodlust 2015 will feed both mind and musical soul.


Sondrine's debut album The Outsider and her sophomore release Future Sculptor and Other Pieces, an instrumental album featuring a suite of piano improvisations and string pieces, can be previewed and downloaded via bandcamp.

Sondrine, Sondrine Terez

21 December 2014 - Sondrine is very pleased to announce the release of her second musical offering, 'Future Sculptor' and Other Pieces' an instrumental album featuring nearly an hour of music . 


'Future Sculptor' is a suite of improvised pieces that seeks to inspire the creation of a film rather than follow its lead as a soundtrack. Featuring orchestral strings, solo piano pieces as well as the wistful combination of french horns, cellos and piano, 'Future Sculptor' provides a profoundly moving musical allegory of a fractured family history.


The remaining works are a collection of delicate, ambient and, at times, whimsical piano pieces originally improvised and recorded between 2005-07, but remixed, produced and mastered for this release.


'Future Sculptor' and Other Pieces is available now for preview and download on this website or via Bandcamp.


OCTOBER 2014 - Sondrine is chuffed to announce that her second album,

Soundtrack for 'Future Sculptor' and Other Pieces, will be released in time for Christmas 2014.


'Soundtrack for Future Sculptor' is a suite of pieces improvised for a film that, as yet, exists only in the imagination.  Future Sculptor is also the working title for Sondrine's (yet to be completed) book about her migrant family and life history as well as the title of a science-fiction short story that features in the book as a life path thought experiment.


Most tracks for this suite were improvised in an all-night recording session in 2005 with additional pieces improvised and recorded in 2014 to complete the work. The remaining pieces on the album are a collection of piano improvisations originally recorded between the years of 2005-2007.


To say an extra big thank you to those of you who downloaded her debut album, The Outsider, Sondrine will be sending you her second album as a free download.


If you haven't yet downloaded The Outsider it's not too late to buy your digital copy for only $10 and  be added to the free list for album #2.


Don't miss out on receiving

Soundtrack for 'Future Sculptor' and Other Pieces

for free!

Download The Outsider now by clicking here

© sondrine terez

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