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Debut Album





1.   The Outsider

2.   New One

3.   Music for a Film - Theme 5

4.   Rialto

5.   X

6.   More than my Blood

7.   Blame

8.   Music for a Film - Theme 9

9.   Crumbs

10. Two Dimensions

11. Lullaby

12. Handdara

All tracks composed, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Sondrine Terez, except for: Track 1 additional lyrics and co-produced by Daniel Blundell; Track 4 co-performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Albert Martinez.  All tracks mastered by Albert Martinez. 


Thanks to: the gifted Albert Martinez for introducing me to the joys of recording in Cubase, the many years of support, encouragement and siblinghood, the fun and games of Junk Circuit,  mastering awesomeness, design guidance and the most wicked sense of humour; the talented drummer and all-round great musician, Jake Bartlett, for his brilliant work on previous recordings of Rialto and a host of other demos, for being a brother through some of the most crucial years of my life, and for forgiving an unforgiveable omission; my wonderful friends who encouraged me to continue in my musical pursuits and listened to and provided feedback on the many demos, namely Anne, Adam, Barb, Deirdre, Jake, Jackie, Jess, Julie, Lorraine, Paul, Sheryl, Tayon, Tri and Victoria; Alex Yabsley for fantastic tech support and troubleshooting without which, none of this; and to the most brilliant, wry, funny, insightful and principled man I know, Daniel, and our beautiful son, Lucas: my infinite love and gratitude for helping me find my way home.


© sondrine terez 2014

In addition to  using the Bandcamp widget on this page,
The Outsider can be downloaded by directly visiting:
Sondrine's Bandcamp page


Sondrine, Sondrine Terez
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