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 ‘Future Sculptor’


Other Pieces

  1. Future Sculptor Overture: You are Your Past

  2. Fractured Child

  3. Chain of Madness

  4. (How) Dare You be Happy?

  5. And Another. And Another. (You have a Scar)

  6. The Way Out

  7. Chain of Abuse

  8. Shameful Me

  9. The Abyss (She wasn’t like that back then)

  10. Those Rare Days 1

  11. Another Way Out

  12. Crux of the Matter

  13. Those Rare Days 2

  14. The Abyss Closes

  15. Mon Pere Est Mort (et moi avec)

  16. You are Not (Just) Your Past

  17. Future Sculptor Finale: Right is Rain

  18. First Thoughts

  19. Byzantium

  20. Faintly

  21. Moss Eater

  22. Solace

  23. With A Trace

All pieces composed, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Sondrine Terez.


Mastered by Albert Martinez.


‘Future Sculptor’ is a suite of improvised pieces that seeks to inspire the creation of a film rather than follow its lead as a soundtrack. Future Sculptor is also the title of Sondrine’s book about her migrant family and life history as well as a science fiction short story contained within the book that provides a life path thought experiment. Most of the tracks for this suite were improvised in an all-night recording session in 2005 with additional pieces improvised in 2014 to complete the work. Tracks 5 and 9 were originally released on Sondrine’s debut album, The Outsider, under the banner of ‘Music for a Film’.


The remaining pieces are a collection of piano improvisations originally recorded between the years of 2005-2007.


Dedicated to my inspired and inspiring high school music teacher, Noelle ‘Tussy’ Toussaint, who encouraged my passion for composition.

                                        © sondrine terez 2014

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